I know, I know... I should be working on Necrons for the Tale of Mega Painters project, but I've been wanting to build this conversion since Christmas. Now the Hobbit tutorials are complete, I couldn't resist making a more imposing Abaddon. After the jump I detail some of the conversions and share a couple of tricks. 

The model is mainly a stock plastic Chaos Lord, with a few choice parts from an old metal Abaddon. To make the chest more suitable for Mr Despoiler I used very thin modellers wire and coiled it around a straightened paper clip. This is a great trick for making cables of varying diameters. 

The shoulder pads are both left sides, so I had to clip off the spikes in the corners and then cut away the corner to make an indented corner. Now the model features the Eye of Horus on right side matching the original Jes Goodwin sculpt. 

I also had to hacksaw off the old ammo belt on the Talon of Horus and replace it with a plastic one from a combi bolter on the Chaos vehicle sprue. I wanted his Talon of Horus to be turned upside down offering a fresh skull to the Chaos Gods. The opened mouth skull is from the Skeleton Warriors box set. The flames (or beard according to my Wife) is a blob of green stuff, then using a pointy modelling tool stab into the greenstuff near the base, then poke diagonally left above, then up and diagonally right, then up and diagonally left. When you get the to the top, stop and repeat. Keep doing this until you've gone all the way round the flames. Then just tease the lines the indents have made into flame shapes. Always use a wet tool.

The base features cork bought from ikea. I think they're normally used to put hot pans on so you don't damage your kitchen surfaces. They're cheap and around 10mm in thickness, I broke off parts and then using a long blade cut the piece in half to reduce the thickness. Cut at an angle if you want to create slopes. 

The fallen Imperial Marine has really been through the wars with bolter explosions marking his armour, losing a leg at the knee, decapitation and then having his skull flayed by warp flame. I sculpted on a new hand in a natural position because clenched fist wasn't really working out. I'm not sure what colour to paint the sacrificed marine. I'm thinking Blood Angel, it would tie in with my colour scheme. Alternatively, I'm thinking a yellow marine like Imperial Fist to blend into the desert bases, I don't want the dead marine to be more eye catching then Abaddon. Any suggestions?