Just time for Garfy's and my "Tale of Mega Painter" project, I put the last finishing touches to my last two Escher models yesterday. Today I also varnished the models that weren't yet, that means the whole collection/the whole gang is complete now! About four months for twenty models, I've finally done justice to my set of the whole Escher range that has sit in my cupboard for years. Necromunda has always had a soft spot in my heart, as it's the only game system I've played seriously for a while. I've got a couple of spare Eschers, some Cawdor models and would love to pick up some Van Saars and paint them some fancy orange jumpsuits, but I'm afraid it will take another couple of years until that will happen. For now, it's all about Dark Eldar and I'm gonna start assembling Kabalite Warriors now. Stay tuned for more intel about my Dark Eldar.