I've been struggling with Hobbit hobby burnout for the past week. I wanted to paint something easy that I didn't have to think about and would help me move forward with one of my other projects. After a little deliberation I decided to paint the 8 Genestealers from the Games Workshop Classic Tyranid Attack (more can be read about this in my news years resolution post). Read on for my Genestealer paint recipe.

Having completed a single test mini, I started batch painting the remaining 7 all at the same time. There won't be a full blown picture tutorial but here is a short breakdown of my recipe to paint these.

Blue Carapace

Undercoat with Vallejo Black Surface Primer. Bascoat the entire model with Macragge Blue (I used my airbrush). Wash the entire model with Asurman Blue (or whatever the new equivalent is). Drybrush the blue carapace with Teclis Blue and then Lothern Blue. Highlight the edges with thinner lines of Fenrisian Grey.

Fleshy Purple bits

Paint all the head, hands and any exposed fleshy ribbing with Xereus Purple. Highlight this with Genestealer Purple (seems appropriate). Mix 50:50 Genestealer Purple and Ceramite White together and highlight all the purple areas. Wash all the purple areas with Druchii Violet. 

Bone Claws and Teeth

Basecoat with Tau Light Ochre, then highlight 3/4 of the claw with Ungor Flesh. Then highlight 1/2 of the claw with Screaming Skull. Finally water down Rhinox Hide heavily and shade the base of the claws and in between the teeth with it.