Today I proudly present you the first unit of my recently started Dark Eldar army. These Kabalite Warriors wear the purple armour of the Kabal of the Last Hatred. There are 10 models, including a Sybarite, a Blaster  and a Splinter Cannon. Check out the pictures of the individual models after the jump.

I really like how the models came out. They really show what I can do best: bold paint schemes with sharp highlights. I like the contrast between the purple armour, the gold and the jade green and blue spots, a rather classic colour combination for anything dark and elfish. If you want to know how I painted them, check out this tutorial: How to paint Dark Eldar (the Stahly Way). There is also a tutorial for the glowing eyes effect, click here.

If you take a closer look at the models, you notice that I cut away a couple of blades and spikes off the armour. I also chose helmets and heads that are rather "basic" looking to denote that these are regular Warriors. The helmets with plumes will be saved for my Trueborn, so together with their more spikey armour they'll hopefully look suitably pimped up.

So how do you like this unit? Please share your thoughts in the comments.