When I started this model, I was dreading the complexity of it. I found breaking it down to lots of smaller sub assemblies made it easier and a lot of fun to paint. I really happy with the outcome. Read on to find out what I did different, see more angles and I'll also show you my Nightscythe which used to be a Doomscythe.

As I mentioned above this model is complex with shapes and lines everywhere. I think the above shot shows it the best how I've achieved breaking up the areas. The guns really stand out against the red hull because of the contrast. I've included a lot of angles below

The major difference between this Annihilation Barge and the previously painted Doomscythe (now a Nightscythe - see below) is how I painted the metal. I painted a base layer of Leadbelcher, then I washed it with Agrax Earthshade. The I strategically dab on Rust Effect from Modelmates, finally I stipple on Runefang Steel. A great way to stipple is take an old large brush that is knackered and then use scissors to cut the bristles down to around 3-4mm in length. You now have a perfect stipple brush. Dab it in your paint and then remove the excess paint on a tissue and then dab it on the model. It's a great way to add texture to flat areas. I'm really enjoying the contrast between clean airbrush blends and rough textured rusty metallics on these models.

Here is a quick snap of my Nightscythe. It use to be my Doomscythe but I took the main weapon off and replaced it with the portal bitz I had kept. I painted it up when I was painting my Barge's weapons. I'm looking forward to painting the unit that will transported by it. 5 Deathmarks and a Cryptek. I will be conververting my Crypteks from plastic box sets (Lychguard legs and arms with Deathmark torso and heads)

I'm really getting into this project. Next up an Overlord, but I need to complete Abaddon and my Great Eagles first.