Next up for my Tale of Mega Painters' Dark Eldar project is a Raider for my Kabalite Warriors. This model marks my first serious step into airbrushing, actually the prospect of painting Dark Eldar vehicles was one of the main reasons to get one.

As you can see, I've broken the model down into various sub-assemblies for easier airbrushing. First I've primed the hull parts black with Army Painter Colour Primer. Then I applied a basecoat of a 3:1 mix of Naggaroth Night and black all over with my airbrush. For the highlight, I sprayed on VGC Hexed Lichen. The result was a quite dramatic gradient from my base colour to the highlight colour, it looked cool but made the model too bright in comparison to my Warriors. So I applied a thin coat of Army Painter's Dark Tone Ink (same as old Badab Black), acting as a transparent filter layer to darken the colour. You can see the result on the lower hull part. I'm quite happy, it fits the dark purple armour of my Kabalite Warriors better, yet the gradient adds enough variation in colour so you only need a single "brush" highlight afterwards.

What do you think of my first airbrush trys? Any advice?