A month into this project and I've barely scratched the surface. My first unit will be Nine Necron Warriors. I've split the twelve I've already painted into nine and three. If I take the spare three as a starting point for the this new squad I only have to batch paint six warriors to complete a squad.

Some of you might be thinking, why nine? It will be units of ten eventually. I need to convert some Crypteks from Lychguard and Deathmark box sets. I'll then add a Cryptek to each of the four units of nine warriors to make squads of ten.

The rust isn't working It just looks like ink stain. My original pot I gave to the JoeyBerry when I met her last week, so I ordered a new pot and this pot just doesn't work, it's as if the pigment is missing. I'm gutted. The company I ordered from on eBay is sending me out a replacement. So I'm stuck until that arrives. Major fail on this project this month. I shouldn't beat myself up though, I did get to convert an Abaddon, paint 8 classic genestealers and finish painting all the models (with tutorials) for the Hobbit box set.