Back in 2006, I was painting a Tau army. I thought the army was a bit cartoony and anime like and led itself well to a bit of humour. So I made some conversions to break up the tedious work of painting an army. More after the jump.  

The first pic in this post are a couple of Kroot playing frisbee with a shield drone. I never finished this project, but if I went back to it I would probably switch the Kroot with his arms in the the air for a Kroot hound.

This unfortunate Tau is called Barry. He's unfortunate because I created him to be a scale reference for all my big kits. Here you can see him delicately trying to measure my Scythed Hierodule. The little floating sign in front of him says Barry using the Tau alphabet.

This is an objective marker I made showing a crashed reconnaissance drone. I call it Black Hawk Drone.