My Black Legion commander is complete. Abaddon is now ready to wreak carnage on the enemy. More pictures and my thoughts on this project after the jump. 

I'm really happy with the choice of Space Wolf for the victim on the base. The reds, yellows and baby blue colours are featured on Abaddon one way or another. I used weathering powders on the space wolf to look like he's covered in sand and dust after a vicious scrap with the Despoiler. Fresh blood was applied using Tamiya Clear Red (tutorial here). The blood actually ties the story together, Drach'nyen; Abaddon's Daemon Weapon has decapitated a young blood claw, blood is spilling out of his neck onto the sand. 

The Talon of Horus grasps the head before warpfire levitates and flenses the flesh leaving a bloodied skull to complete a gory sacrifice to the the Dark Gods. I painted the Daemon weapon to match the Daemon possessed armour of my Chosen models. I really like this incarnation of the sword.

The back view isn't very exciting. I painted the model using my tutorial for Black Legion Chosen to ensure the colours matched. I deliberately didn't use the cloak from the plastic Chaos Terminator Lord on this conversion because the original Abaddon sculpt doesn't have a cape. The rocks on the base are made from cork placemats bought from ikea. You can see pictures of the conversion before I painted here.

I now have a HQ and a troops choice for my fledgling Chaos force (Chosen are troops if you take Abaddon). This army is a labour of love. I'm going to add to it slowly and take my time. For now it's back to the Mega Force Challenge to paint more Necrons.