I enjoyed painting these little fellas a LOT more than I expected. When I saw the minis in the store I thought "those look terrible. Way too smooth, just like every single organic plastic mini GW does nowadays". And they are indeed kind of smooth and textureless. That said.... 

look at those little faces. It really has an impact if you sit there, painting for hours and hours and constantly about 11 little faces smile at you. Happy fun times. I'm really thankful that GW made them smile. I mean, daemons even seem scarier if they find joy in whatever wicked they do instead of looking like they're constipated. Or they feel like they have to look extra-angry to scare you. They shouldn't have to take such measures to be scary. Just like a more humanoid face is ALWAYS more creepy than "standard monster Zilla face". But I digress. 

So I ended up really liking those little rascals. And they put a lot of fun ideas in there too like how they hold on to each other's horns, two of them have their hands around each other's shoulders like two drunkards stumbling down an alley. Plus, one of them is pulling out the other's tongue about a metre or so which is very humorous.

You remember the ghosts that came with the Ghostbusters toys? THOSE were freaking creative and this is what I want to see in daemons. Overboarding creativity and twisted fun paired with craziness and wickedness to give them some underlying unsettling qualities. The "happy" bit goes especially well with Nurgle too. Less so with Tzeentch (which is the next upcoming thing for me), those work very well as fever dreamish, plain weird things I think.

But then, everyone's different  with how they view chaos and daemons in 40k/WHFB so what's your opinion on the whole thing? Which were your preferred incarnation of the daemons?