Excuse the little three eyed skeleton in the far right bottom corner. It was my wife's idea that I should have a logo. Since moving house I nearly broke my ankle decorating and have been limping around like a zombie high on Tramadol and had my old old laptop explode that nearly took my eye out. They say things come in three's. Ones left.

Maybe that's Tau. I as one was actually planning on after  reading the Tau codex of ditching my Deathguard army and going the Tau way. I read in a lot of forums that a ton of competitive 40K player's are doing this. But after much thought I thought I'd stay with Nurgles kids and try and kick the Tau butts.

Anyway I've painted a bunch of the new Tau stuff. Starting with the Riptide. Luckily in Kensington GW they have a lot of them due to not being the busiest store. I heard they are hard to find.
Anyone ditching the army they have for Tau?