Remember my WIP conversion? Well since I finished my Annihilation Barge I've been trying to complete Abaddon. I'm using my own tutorial and scheme which is slightly different to the eavy metal scheme for Black Legion. I didn't want him to be the king of bling so I'm using aged looking metals for the legs. I also wanted his daemon weapon to be painted like how I painted the armour fused daemons on my chosen, painting the blade as bone was a genius idea. It now looks like the daemon weapon's horn. I'm now struggling to finish this model. Read on to find out what's hampering my progress.

I had my brand new motorbike stolen from my driveway last week. Pretty gutted about it. I made a couple of posters to help find her and spread the word, but tbh she's been stripped and sold for spares almost certainly.

Hope you like the posters, they were a good distraction to keep me occupied. I think they're pretty funny and that's important. Whilst the bike was my pride and joy. No one died or was injured so these jokingly help me keep perspective.

Bike is Honda CB600FA Hornet (yellow) stolen from East London on March 27th 2013. Registration ET12 SKX.