I really enjoyed painting my Abaddon the Despoiler conversion recently, so I wanted to follow it up with some more models for my Black Legion force. I thought a quick batch paint of some cultists would be ideal. It would be quite unrealistic to have cultist wearing the same colours as the space marines they worship, so I've tried to use some realistic colours like the denim colours and black leather. The red cloth ties it with the deep red cloth that features on my black legion and I'll paint all their icons yellow to be another tie. I'm trying to keep these dark. Haven't painted anything like this in ages, so it's nice change. Read on for the paint recipes I plan to use for my Cultists.

So I don't forget which paints I used on these, I thought I'd list the colours I used (and plan to use).

Jeans: Incubi Darkness > Thunderhawk Blue > Russ Grey
Black: Adabbon Black > Eshin Grey > Dawnstone > Nuln Oil
Red Cloth: Doombull Brown > Khorne Red > Wazdakka Red
Rags: Doombull Brown > Gorthor Brown > Baneblade Brown
Skin: Cadian Fleshtone > Rakarth Flesh > Ushabti Bone
Metals: Warplock Bronze > Leadbelcher > Nuln Oil > Runefang Steel
Yellow symbols: Averland Sunset > Flash Gitz Yellow

Does anyone else record the colours they use?