Hot on the heels of the Plague Drones, here's another putrid beauty from the ranks of Papa Nurgle's hordes - Epidemius, the Tallyman.

His job is counting and cataloguing the various sicknesses and diseases Nurgle spreads across the worlds, mortal and demonic.

I really like this concept and it's nice that they kept this bit of Nurgle background. Out of all of Warhammer/40k, I think that Nurgle must have the most enthusiastic bureaucracy around. If I remember correctly, Plaguebearers used to be counting constantly and manically as well. Not sure if they still do.

The model of course is basically a huge chunk of details. It's a lot of fun to paint and I love all the little Nurglings. There is so much attention to detail and creativity in this model which, along with the design of many of the Nurglings, reminds me of Jim Henson's work. Some of the Nurglings really look like Muppets. They definately would fit Meet the Feebles too. ;-) Also found one or two Nurglings which look a fair bit like Richard Kind. Interesting.