Guess what, I had a game of Gorkamorka last week!

Fun was had, 'eads were clobbered (the opposing mob's Nob so much so that he's suffering from Stupidity now), my mob was chased off the board by a mob that's 20% smaller in terms of teef (points value). I wasn't aggressive enough and underestimated close combat in favour of shooting. This won't happen again!

Anyway, it was mostly a test game so we'd get into the rules. My gaming buddy never had played Gorkamorka before, last time I played it possibly was 15 years ago. We both had the proper rulebooks and Da 'uva Books, the other guy even used one of the deadly whip measuring rods while I brought some original Gorkamorka models to play. There aren't pictures of the game itself online yet but they'll show up eventually.

Dats more like it.

I basically brought the models as I had them from back when I collected my first Ork army in the dark days of early 3rd edition 40k. Never liked the redesign of Orks but I got the models then despite all that because they were cheap (comparatively) and plastic and new. Those models usually were bought on a Friday or Saturday after school, were built and painted very quickly so I could field them for the games in the evening. So they got mold lines all over, the bases are only painted bestial brown and that's it. What I really, really like on those Ork models is the warpaint. It goes insanely well with the very strong facial details.

Anyway, after the game I decided to make da boyz look better so they'd perform better in the next game. For now I only managed to base them more properly and start the rework the skin a little. I'll keep the overall look of the minis. They look very dark and ragged, just like they're supposed to in Gorkamorka and they contrast stronly with my actual orks army.

So far, the Ork mob (I don't even have names yet, another reason why I was beat so badly) consists of the Nob (choppa, blasta, flak armour), two boyz with shootas (of which one died after the game and the other one was captured by the opposing mob), one boy with slugga and choppa, a boy with choppa and frag stikkbombs (who got hit on the head badly and is subject to Frenzy now), a Mek who fires the 'eavy shoota on the Trukk, a Juve to drive the trukk and another Juve with a Shoota (that's the smaller original Gorkamorka Ork). Then there's of course the trukk with a heavy shoota (which malfunctioned at the first shot and went out of action for the rest of the game).

Anyhow, the models are alright, just need a few licks of paint but the Nob really doesn't like the the trukk so he's been looking around for a new set of wheels.