If you remember, I spent last week on a cruise ship as part of my job. Thankfully I had a lot of spare time to enjoy lots of fine food (you could have a five course meal for lunch and dinner without an extra charge) and free drinks. I also managed to spent a day in Amsterdam, and after some random sightseeing I happened to come around a GW store. Attracted by the nice models that were on display in the shop window, I entered and was kindly allowed to take pictures. After the jump I'd like to share with you the awesome tables and models of GW Amsterdam.

As usually, the tables were all made up of GW terrain. It's kind of a company police by now, however I really enjoyed the look of this 40k themed table because of the creative use of terrain kits, the bleached paint scheme and the sense of height. I scoffed when I saw the broken Baneblade, it's not like they couldn't find a more expensive model to turn into a piece of junk, but anyway ;)


The other one was Fantasy themed display, based on the very old Warhammer Fortress, but mixed with recent Fantasy terrain models to make the fortress suitably grimdark. Though I'm not sure why High Elves would defend an Imperial castle?

Their Hobbit/Lord of the Rings table wasn't that interesting as it's basically just the recently released Goblin town scenery on a Realms of Battle board, but anyway.


In the shop window they had also a nice diorama of an daemonic breach. Really nice to see some custom made scenery for a change.

They also had a couple of display cabinets. My favourite model on display was this Space Marine themed Baneblade with lots of neat freehands.

How do you like GW Amsterdam's hobby efforts? I really enjoyed this unexpected hobby moment when I came around the store on my business trip.