Hi there, in this post I want to present you proper pictures of my Raider of the kabal of the Last Hatred I painted last month. What made this model special is that it is the first airbrushed model of mine. Even though I need more practice, I'm quite satisfied with the result. The airbrushing also helped to keep the painting time low, always a plus because I hate models that take forever to finish. Find out how I used my airbrush on this model and take a look at more angles of the Raider after the jump.

For the hull I sprayed on a mix of black and Naggaroth Night, then I airbrushed some highlights with VGC Hexed Lichen. To tone the gradient down, I applied a filter with Army Painter Dark Tone Ink (Badab Black) straight from the bottle with no thinner added. Finally I applied sharps highlights with the same mix I use on my infantry models: Hexed Lichen and P3 Carnal Pink.

The undercarriage was drybrushed with Mechanicus Standard Grey and then Administratum Grey and finally washed with Dark Tone Ink. Otherwise, the model is painted with exactly the same techniques as pointed out in my Kabalite Warriors tutorial. The green glow on the dark lance is painted exactly the same way as the eyes in my glowing eyes tutorial.

What do you think off this model? This won't be the last Raider for my Dark Eldar... where could I improve?