This is probably going to be one of the last of the new Tau models that I will show for a while. I am having to quickly move on to the Ogre Kingdom models that I am painting as quite a large commission. But I enjoyed painting the Tau and am quite excited about the new Eldar models that rumor has are coming next month. I also decided to stay well away from the recent High Elves release. Ummm....not my sort of thing. I painted High Elves once as a commission and vowed never to go near them again. Not that they turned out bad, it was just probably one of the most painful things to paint. And Ive come to a conclusion that if I do not enjoy painting a certain type of model I stay well clear of them. Which is quite funny as I cannot think of any other models apart from High Elves that I don't enjoy painting. Anyone else have a certain army, model etc that they refuse to paint? Or any stories in which sanity was almost lost painting something?