Stahly: In this monthly section we want to recap the progress of our "Tale of Mega Painters" project, a motivational project by Garfy and me. Basically we want to push ourselves to paint up a Dark Eldar and Necron Megaforce respectively. In my case to start a new army, in Garfy's case to expand his small collection of Necrons. More about "Tale of Mega Painters" can be found in our kick-off post here. Click "more after the jump" to review all the models we painted this month.

This month I failed my set goal miserably. Thanks to my job and a cold, all I managed this month was putting the last finishing touches to my Raider, adding another Kabalite Warrior to hang on its side, and starting to paint my unit of Scourges. So far the Solarite is done and I'm into batch painting the two models on the right.

In May I need to make up for April by finishing the Scourges. Once I'm done with them, I want to assemble and basecoat a Venom. Now over to Garfy.

Garfy: I've had a pretty good month in comparison to Stahly. I pledged to paint my Overlord and produce a tutorial on how I painted the model and how I painted the nmm blade. I also said if I get time I'd like to start my Deathmarks, which are progressing nicely.

I'd like to finish the Deathmarks during May as well as paint the 6 Scarab bases in the Mega Force box set.

Stahly and I would like to open this project up to everyone. All you need to do is be a member of the Tale of Painters blog list and be working on an army that you're blogging about. If you want to have your work featured on the Tale of Painters blog, drop me an email at with a link to your blog. Make sure you include a couple of pictures and a couple of paragraphs about your project. I look forward to hearing from you.