Finally finished my second HQ for the Black Legion force. The detail on this model is incredible, you wouldn't believe the stock model is from a starter box set. With so much detail it was really challenging trying to use a limited palette of colours. More pics after the jump.

I really wanted a ghostly green figure emerging from the book, so I painted the apparition white and then used Vallejo Fluorescent Green. It's quite eye catching but I don't mind so much because it is one of the main focal points of the model. I did attempt to balance the piece by painting the symbol on the staff bright yellow, I feel that helps a little.

I was going to paint a brown fur pelt, but I thought it would just add another colour to an already busy model, so I went with black. I also considered blue for the pelt. Would have been cool to have said slaughtered a clawed fiend. Really happy with the backpack. I like my colour choices for the daemon flesh, it looks organic but certainly not human. The bone areas took ages to paint but came out really well. 

Anyone else inspired to hack up a model and try something different?