In this post I present you proper pictures of my recently finished squad of Dark Eldar Scourges. These took ages to paint, almost two months I think, but I'm very pleased with the result. Check out the individual shots of every model after the jump.

... and this is the back view of the squad. When I posted WIP pictures of this squad, some people criticised the plain black wings. I also wasn't so sure about them in the beginning, but now I feel it was the right choice because the models are so detailed and thus ended up with lots of different spot colours. Even more lavish wings and you wouldn't know where to look at.


Something that also took its time was painting the glass containers. I had a great starting point with Eye of Error's tutorial, but even though it was really hard to pull of the effect. It's really hard to get the top edge of the liquid parallel with the base. Has anyone tried this, too?

So how do you enjoy my Scourges? Please tell me in the comments.