Taking a short break from the Ogre commission I am mainly working on, I thought I would try my hand at a few of the new Eldar models. First up is the Wraithknight. A huge model at over 9 inches tall and in all quite straight forward to put together for a kit of this size. I decided to use a colour scheme similar to the Tau models that I painted a few months ago as I felt they would make good allies. I dont know if its just me but whilst painting this model it kept giving me a Prometheus/Tron vibe. So those movies have been playing a lot in the background whilst working. Again with the new release of the Eldar models and codex has made me want to start a new army. But I think my poor unpainted Deathguards are objecting to that.

Anyone else picked up the new Eldar codex and planning on starting a Eldar army?