The Forge Fiend is huge, it fills a large oval base really well. I've raised mine up a little with some broken up cork tiles (bought from ikea really cheaply). Quite a few of the parts are halves. The head, neck, body, smokestacks and cannons all suffer from join lines. I took my time assembling this model. Read on for my two top tips in combating unsightly join lines.
No one likes mold or join lines and no one likes spending ages cleaning them up. I have a couple of tips that I use to make hints easier.

Tip number one:
When applying the glue to one of the halves use a poly cement glue with a thin needle applicator and apply a bead of glue right next to the edge. When you press the two halves together a bead of glue will be squeezed out from the join. When it's dry, scrape it off with a craft knife or file it smooth with a fine file.

Tip number two:
Liquid green stuff is really useful but it can end up lumpy and uneven. I apply the liquid green stuff straight from the pot with an old brush. Then using a clean wet brush I smooth the liquid green stuff out. It really works a treat as you can see in the pics.

Do you have any assembly tips? Share them in the comments.