Update on my Venom, the vehicle itself is completed! As you notice, just as with my Raider, I kept the Venom bare-bone without any spears or flags sticking out. I feel they distort the silhouette of the model.       Speaking of my Raider, I feel that its black and gold sail with the blue rune freehands really stands out. I wanted to pick up this design on the Venom, too, so I painted the canopy black and gold and added the runes there. I really like how it turned out, though now I can't help to think of some douchebag 90s guy, driving his pimped car with tribal stickers on the back window ;)

Next up is the gunner. This Venom will belong to a small squad of Trueborns (who I haven't painted yet), so I wanted the gunner to look a bit more noble than my regular Kabalites. I chose a head with a big top-knot and will add more gold to his armour.

What do you think so far?