Remember the Dark Eldar Venom I painted last month? I didn't get around to take proper pictures yet. But at last, here they are. More angles and me chatting about painting the model after the jump.

This Venom is supposed to carry a small squad with Trueborn warriors armed with blasters into battle - often nicknamed "Blasterborn". I used the ballustrade that is similar to the design of the Raider. I'll paint another Venom on which I use the alternate trophy rack design. This will make a nice visual connection to the Incubi squad that will ride it. I really love the variety you get in the Venom kit.


As this Venom is going to be the transport of my Trueborn warriors, I swapped the gunner for a Kabalite model from the Raider sprues. Unfortunately the model fits only tightly when you put it on its tiptoes. I should have really checked this before. If you want a Kabalite gunner for your Venom, too, I recommend keeping the Wych legs and adding a Kabalite torso and head.

Do you notice the black front shield with the brassy frame and the blue runes? I did this to tie the Venom to my Raider, which has a black sail, a brassy pole and blue runes as well.

How do you like the model?