I've finished painting my Transcendent C'Tan. In Apocalypse this model is a Gargantuan Creature, but I thought the model was so cool I wanted to be able to use it as a C`'Tan shard in my regular games. So I decided to magnetise it to a flying stand. More after the jump. 

I'm going to make my kit up into a Tesseract Vault. To do this I plan to magnetise the Canoptek Sentinel so I can release the C'Tan easily. 


It's a really simple model to paint and I actually used my NMM tutorial for the recipe for it's body. For it's red restraint and glowing icon I used my Necron tutorial as a guide. It feels great to have the first step complete of such a large model. Watch this space to see WIP shots of the Tesseract Vault.