Hey there, after the break for painting Ultramarines I'm back at our Tale of Mega Painters project and assembled a unit of 10 Wyches. They were quite enjoyable to put together because of the dynamic poses you can create with them. I wanted to give them some of my own flavour, so if you take a closer look, you can see that I used a lot of closed helmets. In the beginning I even wanted to build a whole squads with helmets, but then I only had six and these helmets are hard to accquire and pretty expensive on the bitz sites. But to continue with the theme, for the bare heads I chose only the ones which have their mouths covered. The Kabal of the Last Hatred has close ties to the Haemonculi covens, so I imagine that my Wyches aren't your typical glory-seeking arena fighters, but mean killers that put a knife in your back in the service of the Haemonculi. I thought the faceless helmets mimick the face masks of the Wracks in a way. What do you think?