Firstly, big thanks to everyone who commented in my last post, you guys really helped me to keep picking up the brushes. I've been a bit negative about this project. I'm going to be way more upbeat in this blog post though. Read on to see how I've motivated myself.

In my last post I discovered it took a week to paint a single corner. After that realisation I decided to batch paint the last three corners together. I started by painting the interiors. The interior is really quick. It's leadbelcher, agrax earthshade, rust effect and then runefang steel sponged on. Then I painted all the scarabs. This took around 3 nights of painting.  Now this is where I change my approach, instead of painting all of the red on each corner I've decided to break up the corners into smaller areas. So I painted all the canopies leaches first. Then the blue orbs and now I've started the area around the corner guns.

I really like batch painting these smaller groups of areas. With every little completion I feel like I've achieved something. I'm aiming to complete this before the end of the month now. I'm feeling doubly inspired after seeing Stahly complete his squad of Wyches yesterday. Check them out here, they're incredible. 

Before I forget, It's Sigur's birthday today. Be sure to wish him many happy returns in the comments below or on our Facebook page.