I've picked up my Ultramarines again since finishing the Tesseract Vault. I was really inspired to work on some marines after reading September's White Dwarf.  Read on to see more angles of these retro models, including the awesome missile launcher paint scheme and the whole ten man squad picture. 

Check out that missile launcher. It could only get more retro if I had painted the bases goblin green.  I've really tried to make these models look unique by painting lots of little freehand details.

The marine on the right has had small squares painted into the corners of the shoulder trim. This little touch has really helped change the look of this model. It's little touches like this that I feel go a long way to giving these models a new lease of life.  

The first complete 10 man squad of my new second company in all it's glory. I'm looking forward to painting the next tactical squad. The next squad I'll paint the flamer, missile launcher and chainsword differently to help distinguish the squads and make the same pose models look slightly different. 

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments, did I succeed in renovating this classic squad or are the models so bad that even a neat paint job can't help them?