The last few days I have been desperately trying to complete a couple of commission for a customer who is going to be giving them away as present to friends. So I'm looking forward to having them completed hopefully before the time this post is published. All I can say is the models are not something that I normally paint. Above I'm showing the Hunter which is one of the new models sets for the Space Marines that I picked up a few weeks ago with 2 boxes of Centurions. I'll show the Centurions in the next post.
I quite liked the Hunter model, I always enjoy painting vehicles and to be honest it was the first time I painted something in a Ultramarine scheme. The kit itself is generous enough to allow you to build both variants. If you do this the only part missing on one of the variants will be an antennae. But I think for the price its quite nice to be getting 2 models really. Let me know, did you pick up the new Space Marines model?