Stahly: In this monthly section we want to recap the progress of our "Tale of Mega Painters" project, a motivational project by Garfy and me. Basically we want to push ourselves to paint up a Dark Eldar and Necron Megaforce respectively. In my case to start a new army, in Garfy's case to expand his small collection of Necrons. More about "Tale of Mega Painters" can be found in our kick-off post here. Click "more after the jump" to review all the models we painted this month.

Stahly: Just as planned, I completed painting my Wyches. I painted seven of these deadly killers in August, together with the three Wyches I painted the month before, this makes a nice unit of ten. Stay tuned for some pretty group shots. At some point in the future they will get their own Raider, but for September I'm finishing my remaining two Ultramarine bikers before I move to another model of the mega force, the Ravager. Even though I took two and a half week off from my job, I'm not sure whether I manage to paint the whole model this month. With additional guns over a standard Raider and four crew models in total, it will definately be a challenge. I don't have Garfy's skill to knock out a Tesseract Vault in like two weeks... speaking of Tesseract Vaults, here is what Garfy has to say:

Garfy: I wish I could paint a Tesseract Vault in two weeks, it was more like five and half weeks but it felt like a lot longer! I'm excited about getting back into the Tale of Mega Painters project and completing some more units. For September I want to paint a Triarch Stalker... I know I must be nuts, going from hand blending one big red model to another. Oh well, it's all got to be painted at some point.  During August I also posted a group shot of the army so far. I'm also really looking forward to the 19th of September. Keep visiting the site or join our facebook page to find out what's happening on that day soon.

Last month we had two reader submissions to the Tale of Mega Painters project. Rory's Tau from McNeil Painting Projects and Andy's Astral Claws from Miniature Miscellany. You can read about their progress here.

Are you painting a battleforce/megaforce and want to join in?
Now you can! Stahly and I would like to open this project up to everyone. If you're a member of the Tale of Painters blog list and you're blogging about a Games Workshop army we would love to feature  your models on the Tale of Painters blog. Send me an email at with a link to your blog and make sure you include a couple of pictures and a paragraph or two about your army project. We look forward to hearing from you.