Today I proudly present my Ravager, the model of mine where the most things went wrong ever. Thankfully it's not too noticable in the final model... More angles - and a lament of my failure - after the jump.


The first problem was the rudder on the back. The tip of the blade broke off during the inital assembly so to make up for it, I had to shorten it. The second problem were the hull pieces. Just as I finished the highlights, I wanted to varnish the edges to prevent the paint from rubbing off during final assembly. But instead of satin varnish I accidentally picked a bottle of glaze medium, which left a horrible white residue once dry. Which meant I had to repaint almost the whole hull. Then, when I applied the blue stripe for the kabal symbol, it turned out awry. So another hull panel I had to mask off and to spray and highlight again...

Last but not least the assembly of the two hull pieces was a nightmare. I just couldn't get them lined up properly. It took several tries, a couple of rubber bands and liquid green stuff to hide the joints. Despite that, there is a horrible glue joint on the underside of the model, thankfully you can't really see it unless you turn the model upside down.

Once all that was sorted out, things went quite smoothly to my delight. I managed to improve the highlights on the hull over my Raider, and the freehand rune on the sail turned out better, too.

How do you like the model? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!