The metal lobster of melty doom is complete. The Triarch Stalker is an elite choice, open topped walker. It's heat ray is a deadly anti-tank weapon equivalent as two multi meltas, but with the option to fire like a heavy flamer to help deal with hordes. Lots more pics after the jump. 


It's best feature is it's Targeting Relay special rule. If it hits an enemy unit you place a counter down by that enemy unit. All other units shooting at this unit now treat their weapons as twin linked.

I really wanted my Heat Ray to look hot, so I painted it in a very subtle glow effect. 

I really wanted to finish this back in September but I suffered from shiny model syndrome and invested in some centurions. I then got further distracted with Space Marine tutorials.

I wanted to do a comparison shot because the model is massive. This poor Black Legion marine is about to get his face melted off. The bolt pistol won't help him but he might have more luck with that powefist.