As you all know I am not the biggest one for the colour, but here it is: bright yellow Ork Burna Bommer. Still trying to keep it as rusty and weathered as possible. I painted it quite a long time ago, but it is actually my wife's favorite model that I have painted, I think she's the fan of the colour. I don't know much rules about orks, but I really do love their models, they kind of have that mad max look to them.
I went to Comic con on Friday and after waiting in the ticket queue for a while I was surprised  to find the Forge World stand quite quiet. I don't think a lot of people knew in advance that it was going to be there, but I am not complaining, as it was actually quite nice compared to Salute and Games Day. I picked up a bunch of models including a Troll Hag and the Tau R'Varna Battlesuit.