Finally, some change from power armour... just kidding, don't we all love Space Marines? I'm feeling the urge to paint some more of them, too, so maybe I'll do another character model for my Ultramarines after the Ravager. But for now, I proceeded with the crew models. The gunner and the steersman are almost complete, they just need some additional details like the green glowing eyes and drug dispensers. The gunner is converted from an additonal Ravager turret gunner I picked up, as I used the original gunner model for my Venom. As the Ravager turret gunners are lacking detail on their back, I had to attach some random bitz. For the steersman I chose the head with the thorne crone (I cut off the nose because I think it looks strange), which is a cue to his vessel - it matches the thorny decorations to the hull.