With only three units of Necrons left to paint, I'm starting to gear myself up towards my 2014 main army. I think this might be the Black Legion. I really enjoy painting this scheme and there are some amazing models in the range like the Heldrake and the Chaos Space Marine Raptors. More angles and thoughts after the jump. 

I've painted a Helbrute before, and I didn't like the outcome (see here). It was way too bright and pink. I wasn't even trying to paint a slaanesh Helbrute. So I learnt a lot from that model, so when it came to painting the Black Legion Helbrute I knew I wanted a darker daemonic flesh that blends all the way to black. 


I area highlight my blacks with soft blends. It's subtle and realistic. Take a second look, that's not light reflection on the blacks, it's painted on. I also added some yellow icons which were freehand painted. The horns were very tricky to paint and took a while but I feel they came out well. I also like the gore effects on the hand.