Yay, my first showcase! I finally got the final touches on this crazy little bugger and he is ready to bounce his way down the cat walk. The photos on the Forge World site are pretty poor so I included plenty of angles and zooms in case you were contemplating picking this guy up. Even if you don't play him as intended he makes a stunning unit filler for a Squig Heard.

The shield on the Squigs right flank is the only blue in the entire army. It is pretty subtle so I don't think it is going to stick out too much.

The Stalagmites and bones on this base are from the Under-Empire Basing Kit. I had bought one of the kits mostly to see what was in them and found uses for the bits and pieces hear and there, throughout the army but mostly on characters. I used a Tomb King box for bones and made the stalagmites on the rest of the army myself which was much more economical.

I like how the armor came out and after a little more highlighting I decided I liked the yellow checks on the face bar too.

My local GW sold out of the new technical paints in hours of opening so I didn't get a chance to pick some up. I would like to have tried some of that new rust on the recesses of the armor and stippling onto the mail.

His face reminds me of a three year old who hasn't quite figured out how to smile for the camera.

Thanks for checking him out and let me know what you think.

Happy painting all,