I currently drowning in trying to finish up a bunch of commission works before Christmas roles in. I have a huge Chaos Daemon army that I'm putting the finishing touches to and then I have a medium sized Tau army which is half complete as well as a Wraith Knight, some Wraith Guards, a Spartan tank and a Dark Eldar Tantalus. Its a pretty big task juggling all these at once. Once they are finished I have a Minotaur marine army, some Chaos Warhounds and then a huge Warrior of Chaos army. It's going to be tough the next 5 weeks as I'm really hoping to make some time space to work on my Death Guards.
Today I'm showing the Ork Dakkajet which I painted a few years ago when it was released. Most of the model was actually painted by just using a sponge and stencils. I remember it being a lot of fun to work on.

What do you think? Are any of you planning on painting over the Christmas holidays?