Next up for my Dark Eldar is a small squad of Trueborn Warriors to ride in my recently painted Venom. As there are no official models for Trueborn Warriors, I had to kitbash. Most conversions I've seen so far use the helmets from the Reaver jetbike riders, but I had something different in mind. Actually their creation started already when I built my regular Kabalite Warriors. Back then, I removed some of their armour spikes so that the armour of my Trueborns would be more ornate (and spiky). I even added additional spikes with impaled skulls (which can be found on the Raider sprue). I also saved all the helmets with top plumes for the Trueborn, which add some height to models over regular Warriors. Last but not least, I imagine that Trueborn Warriors are often found where the fight is the thickest, so some have drawn their knives to keep their enemies at bay (the arms are from the Wyches sprue).

Kabalite Warriors are my favourite models from the Dark Eldar range, so painting a pimped up version of them shall be a fun little project for the next couple of weeks.