I've been critical of White Dwarf's Kit Bash feature in quite a few reviews. If you're not familiar with the feature it's essentially how to glue Space Marines together in different ways. These simple part swaps are technically "kit bashes" but for an inspirational, international hobby magazine I expect to see a higher calibre of conversion. So for this reason I'm going to send them the hi res pictures of this Goblin Wolf Rider. There is no point in criticising something unless you're going to be constructive. This is my way of turning a negative into a positive. Yes I complained about the feature in a review but I'm trying to do something about it. Read on for more angles and how this model came about. 

I've mentioned it before that I've taken to painting at Games Workshop Barnet  at least once or twice a week. This month's store painting competition is cavalry themed. Each store winner then goes up against the other North London stores. So this is my entry to try and win the competition for Barnet.


I didn't need to buy anything for this model. It was all found in my bitz boxes. I also wanted a unique looking model, so once painted people won't know where the parts came from (unless they've read this). I converted the wolf to look like it's leaping off the rocky ridge and I gave it a larger set of fangs and an armoured head piece. I also repositioned the head and sculpted new fur in the gap. 

The banner is made out of part of the Araknorok's flinger and the skeleton sign post from the Giant kit. These go together so well to create the frame for my custom greenstuff banner which I'm particularly pleased with. I also found a Shokk Attack gun snotling so I greenstuffed that to the wolf's tail to help add more speed and movement to the piece. The Goblin also received some shoulder and back armour. And sits on a sculpted saddle. 

What do you think of my model? Stay tuned for WIP shots real soon.