Over the past week or so I have been working on this guy. It is the last of the Night Goblin Command Set from Forge World for me to get done. I am always one to save the best for last and this sculpt does not disappoint. Plenty of detail, character and a good scale. The mail draped over the hind quarters of the Squig is worth more than a few drops of drool on its own.

The two empire shields strapped to the Squigs legs and the two plates of armor with flames presented me with a puzzle. What colors and patterns to paint them? I didn't want any two pieces of the four to be the same colors but repeated the patterns. This keeps him looking different as you move around the model (or so I hope).

I still have plenty left to do but I would love some feedback on what you all think of the face bar on the Squig. I think that is the first time I have ever tried yellow/metal checks and I think the values may be too similar.