Hey there, I've finished my Archon and now I proudly present a showcase post. Check out more angles and learn more about the model after the jump.

The model was good fun to paint, mainly because of the large cape where I could try out the glazing technique Garfy teached me when I was visiting London a couple of months ago. As you can see I did a head swap. I chose a Wych head, of whom I cut off the original braid and replaced it with one of the Hekatrix braids. I remember that the braid took a lot of patience to highlight it because of the fine pattern of interweaving hair.

Another thing I'm happy with is the jade green fire that is dancing around the soul trap. When painting fire I really like to add small white dots to depict ash particles.

Not all went like clockwork though. During the assembly, the dusk blade broke off at the hilt. It was quite difficult to reattach it because of the thinness of the blade. In the end I had to use a very thin pin and then sculpt over the broken area with green stuff.

How do you like the Archon? Do you think he will make a worthy leader of my Dark Eldar host?