Hey there, today I present you the painted Razorwing of my Dark Eldar force. I was keen on finishing this model before the end of the year, so I took good advantage of the holidays and painted like I was on combat drugs. Enjoy more angles of the model after the jump.

The Razorwing is actually the first flyer I painted. I enjoyed working on the model because it was easy to assemble and, in comparison to my Ravager, it was far quicker to paint because of its simplicity. I like the design, but I wonder if it would have looked better with a shorter nose, more similar to the Venom. In terms of money it's also decently priced, almost cheap in comparison to the recently released flyer kits.


The Razorwing is armed with dark lances for dogfights and two monoscythe and two shatterfield missiles. I always have a hard time remembering which missile is supposed to represent what... surely I can't be the only one?

How do you like the model? Does it make a worthy closure of my efforts for our Tale of Mega Painters project?