I really love this model. Out of all the Primarchs that FW have released Lorgar is by far my favorite and was a pleasure to paint. The photos are not the most amazing as I was trying out a new camera and I still need to learn how to use it. After painting Lorgar I'm really hyped to hopefully see a release of Mortarion. If that model is anything to go by from the other Primarchs I'm going to completely bedazzled.
On another note Christmas approaches and I have set aside 3 days in between commission work to finally put together my first army and get it painted. I'm at a point now after years of looking a box full of FW/GW that I don't even care if it looks good. I just want to play 40K. So my plan is to build and fully paint everything in that 3 days. I will report back with whatever happens after Christmas. Good or Bad :) Whats the quickest you have painted a army?