001110101011011010101 ++Servo vox skull translate initiated++
++Tremble in fear mortals,  Cryptek Karndak, bearer of the Canoptek Artefact now addresses you. Bow before my finished form or meet your doom at the hands of my Scarab storm.++
More pictures and some thoughts after the jump.

In the shot above you can see how my Cryptek overshadows my Necron Overlord with his elaborate conversion and massive blade. I think the Cryptek has ambitions to overthrow the Overlord. If I changed the Cryptek's head and gave him a metal segmented cloak he'd make an awesome Overlord.

I came up with this conversion for this month's GW store painting competition. I won last month, so I got to choose the the contest theme which I decided would be an open competition but the entries had to use at least one of the new technical paints. My Cryptek uses, Typhus Corrosion, Ryza Rust, Nihilakh Oxide, Blood for the Blood God and Agrellan Earth.  


As this is a miniature painted for a competition I took some time and added some advanced techniques such as the blade on the staff and the glow effects on the orbs. These are nice touches which I hope will help me win the competition. 

What do you think of the model? Tell me in the comments below.