Those who follow Tale of Painters will have by now seen a few larger and more showy Night Goblins, Squiqs and other models from my army that I have shared so far. But when you wish to field a Night Goblin army you will eventually have to paint a significant amount of these boys*.

This was the first unit of strictly Night Goblins I completed as part of my army refresh. In my old collection I didn't have any bow boys, this time I wanted at least one to act as a bunker. I wasn't too sure of the yellow for the army color still so this unit was my test for that before I got stuck in on the big 50 count blocks.

They are a mixture of the flat Skull Pass sculpts that I had in my old 7th edition box and the current NG kit. Mixed together they look great with lots of different poses and action. Once they were complete I decided that the yellow was a bit cartoony but I liked it anyways and wanted to go with it. Sometimes a bit cartoony is just what the game table needs.

*I know that we call them "boys" but can we really be sure? Has anyone ever looked under the robes? If you have and lived through the experience please do tell ... I imagine it is a train wreck under there.