Another Blood Bowl team! I know some of the ToP readers don't play Blood Bowl, but I have no idea why that might be, it is the game of kings. This was supposed to be a wood elf project, but alas it went wrong. After looking at the sprues, I changed direction. Kinda glad I did. Close ups after the jump...

So, Dark Elves. Notoriously difficult to use against a good opponent - however a very fun team to play. I once took a 3-0 schooling against a team of 11 Dark Elf linemen in a league - it was a salutary lesson and one that, in part, has driven the addition of extra linemen to this particular team build. Though you can play with 11 linos, I deliberately only built 10. You might ask why? (you might not care...). The reason is that if you're going to play Dark Elves, you simply MUST include at least one of their unique positionals, namely Witch Elves or an Assassin. Otherwise you're better of playing regular or High Elves. Having only 10 linos helps me never forget... and forces me to take at least one. I recommend not grabbing the Assassin until later in a league, unless you're playing a single fun pickup game. Otherwise the Witch is your best bet. To be honest in a league I'd start with neither initially, probably opting for 4 blitzers (did I just contradict myself?) and adding a Witch after a few games.

Enough talk, lets fight... (movie quote?!)

Blitzers... the only elf team that can take 4, so tool them up different. I like a couple of blodge tacklers, and at least one strip baller. Leap can be fun but is a bit woody... Have helmets and muchos spikes to set them apart.

Runners... I sometimes take one.. but only later in a league or if I think dump off could be fun. Not as easy to use as other teams throwers, and why not run with a cheaper lino...? Bald heads to distinguish from the linos.

Witch elves. I found the new WFB kit a real dissapointment. They're more than TWICE the price of the 40k wyches and far less cusomisable. Grumble.

Assassin. I initially was going to buy the new GW assassin as its made of awesome, but a quick kitbash saved me some cash...

Finally my veritable troupe of linemen. 10, for reasons already mentioned. Open faced (not enough masked faces for all 10 and I do like things to match...). I LOVE the Wych kit.

So there you have it. I need to wait for GW to re-release Wood elves before I can create a WE team Ill be happy with, the wyches are just too spikey and mean. Woodies are softer, quicker. Perhaps I could but it'd be a lot of work. For now, the Dark Elves are coming to town. And perhaps a Wych themed Harlequin army. One project at a time...

Happy New Year folks.