Its not really a wip as its pretty much 99% finished, but I had to call it that as I still need to finish the doors. The model itself is darn heavy and was a complete nightmare to assemble. I know previously I mentioned the FW Tomb Stalker and Storm Eagle are nasty ones to put together but this thing was on another level. The tracks do not even fit. You need to completely cut away parts to get the thing to attach properly. Thats only the beginning. So my advice is if you purchase a Spartan be prepared for a lot of grief.

But the good news is the model is fantastic and was a joy to paint. Its really models like these from FW that put a smile on my face before painting. The detail is amazing.

On another note I am currently putting together a FW Dark Eldar  Tantalus, and at that point I am going to end as that model so far has to be the worst to assemble. Hopefully I will get some photos up for that one.

Anyone else tried the FW Spartan? What did you think?