Feeble humans, behold what happens to your mortal flesh when I release the scarabs from my Canoptek Artefact. Flayed alive, stripped to the bone.

I used parts from Deathmarks and Lychguard combined to make this Cryptek. I also used the 40 scarabs I had spare from the Tesseract Vault model to make the "swarm". I used a paper clip that I curled around a plastic skeleton and then superglued and green stuffed scarabs to the paper clip. The Canoptek Artefact is actually from the Dark Eldar Ravager kit. 

Now if you were wondering where my Doomsday Ark is, it's ok, don't panic. I have finished it and it's scheduled for later this week. These WIP posts are better suited for when we do two posts a day. Make sure you keep checking back regularly to see the finished Doomsday Ark and Cryptek real soon.