In one of the last Tale of the Mega Painter's updates, I mentioned we're only a couple of months away from the end of the year and I toyed with the idea of only painting Necrons for the rest of the year to finish this project. Over a month later and I've painted a Helbrute, a Goblin Standard, three Termagaunt test models, reviewed the new paints, made a greenstuff tutorial and reviewed White Dwarf. Why can't I just focus on Necrons? I think I've been subconsciously trying to avoid painting the Doomsday Ark since I bought the megaforce. It's pretty big with lots of sub-assemblies to paint. It actually took me five evenings to clean all the pieces up and assemble it. As with all these "horrible" projects, the hardest part is starting them and as you can see I'm well underway.